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Welcome to Quicksilver BBS

The Game :
MajorMUD started up in the early 1990's by a company known as West Coast Creations. Currently Quicksilver hosts three versions of MajorMUD. Two of the versions running are completely legit. One realm is for PVPers and the other for Non-PVPers. The other version of MajorMUD ran here, is a hexed version. The only difference between legit and hexed versions are that drop rates are doubled, boss experience is doubled, and limited items are doubled.

The Rules :
Here at Quicksilver, the players run the show. What that means, is that here, there is zero Sysop interaction in game. The players make the rules and the players are the law.

The System :
Quicksilver BBS is a Worldgroup Bulletin Board System running version WG3.30. We were the first to run our system on the new Btrieve 9.5 PSQL by Pervasive. The system itself runs on a Dual Intel Xeon Server and has a Full T1 connection.

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